Concrete Services

Concrete Preconstruction

Before bidding a project, we carefully review the customer’s needs and expectations to ensure we can provide the highest value possible to our clients. 

Preconstruction services include:

Concrete Placement

Purplex specializes as a total package concrete contractor and performs a variety of concrete placement services including structural and non structural concrete solutions to civil, commercial and residential customers. We are designed to build fast and accurate. Purplex Group has the resources and equipment to meet the concrete placement requirements for projects of any size. Our experienced team and proven delivery approach enable us to deliver efficient concrete placement services.

Concrete Finishing

The groups cost-effective systems allow us to construct high tolerance floors quickly and efficiently and take weeks off the building programme. In today’s world of high demand Purplex can play a vital role in your success of providing superior quality concrete finishes.

Concrete Pumping

Our range of mobile boom pumps, high pressure line pumps,

trailer pumps and satellite placing booms ensures safe delivery.

Concrete Formwork Design

Purplex can provide formwork design and engineering 

services for any type of project.

Concrete Formwork Installation

No matter whether your slab areas are large or small, straightforward or complicated, with Purplex you can be sure of working, on the safe side.

Concrete Reinforcement Installation

Our goal is to set the bar high by delivering a great product, fast and maintaining the highest of professional standards.

Concrete Cutting

Our professional concrete cutting machines provide us with the best solution for minimizing the risk of random cracking when concrete

develops internal stresses.

Floor Curing & Sealing

We are fully resourced to provide curing & sealing.

Project Management

When our clients needs exceed core construction and specialty construction, we supply the project management services needed 

to get the job done, and done well. We offer decades worth of project management experience in following service areas:

Safety. Our Way of Life

We build a culture committed to creating a work environment free from injury.  Our continuous improvement initiatives empower co-workers to take an active role in creating a safe workplace. Purplex offers company wide scheduled safety training and tool box talks on job sites to help co-workers prevent incidents from occurring.

Let’s build together. Concrete done the right way starts today.